How to Follow Up on a Job Interview in 2023 With Example


What do you need to know to send a follow up email that impresses that employer and hopefully gets your resume moved to the “to be interviewed” pile? You want to do everything you can to separate yourself from the competition and increase your chances of landing that job. Remember that often the hiring manager will have their own jobs to do as well as running the recruitment process.

  • After another week without response, call the company to check if they received your application.
  • If you’re offered another job, follow up with your most desired employer right away.
  • Now, let’s cover a few tips for how to actually write a polite and professional follow up email after a job application.
  • But your dream new job could be just around the corner.

Similar rules apply when you’re working with a staffing agency to find an administrative job. She acknowledges that applying for a job can be like throwing your resume into a black hole and hoping it comes out on the other side. But there are ways to let the employer know you are truly interested in the administrative job without coming across as desperate.

The Feedback Note

The job application email serves as a formal channel for submitting these documents to the employer. Much of the job application process involves waiting. You check job postings how to follow up on a job application and wait for new opportunities that match your skills and interests. You put together a cover letter and a résumé, send them off, and wait to hear about a possible interview.

how to follow up on a job application

Sending a job application follow-up is not so hard after all. Please let me know the next steps in the recruitment process and when I can learn if I successfully secured an interview. As you’ll see, I have a considerable amount of skills and transferable experience that make me an ideal candidate for the position. We help you learn essential business skills to reach your full potential.

The Follow-Up Note

Get a free bi-weekly coaching email from a $750/hour career coach. Get proven strategies on how to unlock your career’s potential, meet VIPs in your industry and turn your career into a rocketship. Please make sure you have typed your email address correctly so we can send you the checklist. “No fluff. No noise. Just useful career tips sent in small nuggets so it’s not overwhelming and easy to apply.” – Dave S.

The information contained in this article is general in nature and you should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs. The idea is to leave a note of appreciation and excitement from your end. At times, even the smallest gestures mean a lot and can actually prove to be helpful for prospective applicants in the long run. Who knows your recruiter might just find such gestures ethically impressive and rate your profile on the ground of hospitality, humbleness, and corporate etiquettes. If there are any additional materials or information I can provide to support my application, please let me know. I am eager to further discuss my qualifications and how I can contribute to the success of .

How to Write a Follow-Up Email After a Job Application

Get to the point quickly and be sure to proofread your email for any typos or grammatical errors. If it’s done strategically, following up can be a great way to reinforce why you are qualified for the job, and can even get your application a closer look. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Offer to provide additional information or references if needed.

How do you politely ask about your application status sample?

I recently applied for [Position] at [Company] and would like to follow up and confirm that my application was received. If the position is still available, I would love to discuss it further with you. My time as a [Former Job Title] at [Former Company Name] makes me a great match for this role.

With a little bit of luck, the right job application materials, and a great interview, you might get a message from your recruiter saying they want to hire you. There’s a difference, though, between being told you got the job and actually receiving a formal job offer with written terms of employment. But if you feel you’ve been waiting too long for the formal offer, how do you follow up on a pending offer correctly? After perfecting your cover letter and resume, then acing the interview, you’re waiting to hear back from the company about the next steps. And whether it’s been a day or a week, you’re wondering how to follow up on a job interview without ruining your chances of landing a job. If you’ve read the steps and email examples above, you know how to write a follow-up email after applying for a job.