cardano-foundation cardano-connect-with-wallet: This repository aims to provide useful hooks and React components


If this symbol does not exist, head to settings and look for ‘Scan QR code’. You also might want to connect to a DApp within your mobile device’s browser. However, instead of seeing a QR code, you’ll find a list of wallets to choose from. Select your wallet, in our case the Trust Wallet option, and you’ll be back at step 5. This will prompt MetaMask to show a confirmation popup for signing the message.

  • The “Wallet Onboard” tool will allow developers to onboard consumers through a “seamless wallet linking experience” with web3.
  • Our core focus is on disruption to lending, banking and investing, including alternative lending, challenger banks and digital wealth management.
  • Then we check whether this publicAddress is already present or not on the back end.
  • Public bridge servers are maintained by WalletConnect and dApp developers may also deploy their own.
  • Connection provider needed for handling blockchain wallet connection and pass connection and SDK objects to React context for using them in any app components.

A multi-party computation wallet is a digital asset wallet whose private key is divided, encrypted, and shared between multiple parties. Because Metamask uses WalletConnect as a login option for their mobile wallet, the WalletConnect vs MetaMask comparison is a false dichotomy. While information between the two is handled by a public bridge server, the server does not receive the key needed to decrypt the information. Furthermore, developers can choose to host their own bridge servers for full protection. Relies on cryptoeconomic incentives to assure users of rollup security.


Smart and beautiful login flows for crypto-native users, simple onboarding flows for everyone else, and powerful developer tools that go beyond authentication. “Wallet Onboard” will allow developers to enable connectivity to more than 300 crypto wallets. Hence, adapters are needed to connect your Web3Auth instance to a wallet provider. Web3Auth by default contains a pre-configured list of login adapters. It also provides flexibility to add/remove adapters or to use some existing adapter with custom configurations. To configure an adapter create an instance of the adapter by using its corresponding package and pass the returned adapter instance in the configureAdapter function.

what is crypto wallet connector

Add Web3 authentication to any app, and sign in users with their favorite EVM or Solana wallet. The orderAttributionMode property dictates how automatic order attribution functions after successful wallet connection. The core component for ensuring your connect wallet integration works as expected.

Frontend Code Walkthrough

When you deploy your smart contract for transactions, you do so on the blockchain. When you know the fundamentals of web development and blockchain networks, it’s not too difficult to create a DApp. A DApp can be broken up into three major parts, the frontend, the smart contract, and the blockchain network. A wallet browser extension was our most requested feature, so we did what we do best—build together with our community. Help users trade across chains by allowing them to connect multiple wallets and easily switch between them. Since writing to the blockchain requires a signature, we prompt the user on their wallet to sign the transaction.

what is crypto wallet connector

Every adapter follows a common interface which is required by Web3Auth to communicate with the wallet. Your recovery phrase allows you access to your crypto assets, always backup your recovery phrase and keep it safe! You can easily import your crypto assets with your recovery phrase into other wallet app interfaces to see and manage your crypto assets. The DeFi Wallet app is only an app interface to display your crypto balances and provide an easy UI for you to manage your crypto assets. If you are using the standalone mode of wallet extension, you can only import your existing wallet on the DeFi Wallet mobile app by scanning the QR code.

How do I connect to DApps with Wallet Extension?

If you plan on using a desktop wallet instead, click the ‘Desktop’ label. WalletConnect is a popular tool throughout the DeFi DApp world. It’s something that only takes a few minutes to learn how to use but lets you access a variety of different services.

what is crypto wallet connector

As a dApp developer you’ll want to understand some basics about the protocol for a successful integration and provide a seamless user experience. Algorand provides a custom WalletConnect schema and a quick start guide for accelerating integrations. WalletConnect has enabled an explosion of creativity in wallet design and features by making it effortless for developers to open their apps up to users of all kinds of wallets. This protocol is symbolic of cryptocurrency’s ethos in decentralizing power and enabling new experiences for users.

Flutter SDK

Create the sdk-connection-provider.tsx file in src/connector folder. Connection provider needed for handling blockchain wallet connection and pass connection and SDK trading connector objects to React context for using them in any app components. Unfortunately, since the project’s code is relatively extensive, we can only cover parts of it.

what is crypto wallet connector

On Desktop, they can install the Wallet Extension from the Chrome extension store into their Chrome, Edge or Brave browser. The extension can be connected to the DeFi Wallet mobile app , or alternatively it can work as a standalone extension entirely in the browser. Web3Auth is where passwordless auth meets non-custodial key infrastructure for Web3 apps and wallets. Metamask, phantom and walletconnect-v1, coinbase, slope, solflare are External Wallets in Web3Auth. External wallet are those which are global for all applications. No matter where you are logging in, you will get same keys if same credentials are being provided.

The MetaMask Browser Extension

In addition to holding assets, crypto wallets act as gateways to Web3’s extensive ecosystem of dapps. As such, they open the door to the crypto world, enabling you to interact with dapps, DeFi platforms, etc., on various blockchain networks. The protocol is implemented directly within the official Algorand Wallet and allows any dApp developer to add it to their application workflows. Wallet Onboard is built on top of Plaid Link, a familiar and trusted user interface used by almost one in four Americans today. On top of that, no wallet address or hashed wallet address information is collected.

What is WalletConnect protocol?¶

It comes with support for falling back to another provider if a provider goes down and ensuring the responses are legitimate by setting a targetQuorum. For information on the buildConnectors function and how to change the available connectors, see Connectors. Create a file in your project titled connect-wallet-config.ts at the root of your app with the following code.